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Yoga Practice Straps

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Yoga Practice Straps

Made from 100% cotton webbing and 1 1/2" wide for comfort, our practice yoga straps add flexibility and length to your postures. Available with a cinch buckle or metal D-rings, they slide smoothly for easy self-adjustments so you can stay longer and more comfortably in the postures.

We offer three lengths of cotton straps: six, eight and ten feet. A size label on each strap makes it easy for teachers and students to know at a glance which strap to use. The longer lengths are good for taller students and for bound angle pose. Our 10' strap can be joined into a circle to form a backless chair that gives tremendous lumbar support when sitting on the ground. Great for camping and meditation.

Available in 3 sizes and 11 colors.

-1 1/2" width x 6' length: $ 9.50
-1 1/2" width x 8' length: $10.50
-1 1/2" width x 10' length: $11.50

Yoga Practice Straps

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