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Big Yoga
A Simple Guide
for Bigger Bodies
by Meera Patricia Kerr

If you think yoga is only for skinny young things dressed in tight yoga outfits, you need to think again. To expert Meera Patricia Kerr, yoga can and should be used by anyone--especially the plus-size woman. With an emphasis on health, flexibility, and relaxation, Meera has developed a unique yoga program for those with big bodies. In her new book, Big Yoga, she shares her successful program with all those who think that yoga is not for them.

Part One of Big Yoga begins with a clear explanation of what yoga is, what benefits it offers, and how it can fit into anyone's life. Included is an important discussion of self-image. The book goes on to provide practical information regarding clothing, mats, and suitable environments, and to emphasize the need to begin with care and avoid initial strains and pains.

Part Two of Big Yoga offers over thirty different exercises specifically designed to work with bigger bodies. In each case, the author explains the technique, details its benefits, and offers stepby- step instructions for its use. Easy-to-follow photographs accompany every exercise, while boxed insets provide further insights into yoga and explore its many fascinating aspects.

If you have thought that yoga is not for you, pick up Big Yoga and let Meera Patricia Kerr help you become more confident, relaxed, and healthy than you may have ever thought possible.

Paperback, 219 pages

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Big Yoga
A Simple Guide
for Bigger Bodies
by Meera Patricia Kerr
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