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The Yoga Body Diet
by Kresten Schultz Dollard and John Douillard, DC, PhD


For every woman who has ever longed for the kind of effortlessly willowy frame she sees staring out from the pages of magazines, that body can now be hers in just 8 weeks.

The Yoga Body Diet does for Ayurveda what Skinny Bitch did for veganism: It makes a left-of-center concept accessible in a hip package. No yoga experience is necessary, and women don't even have to be able to touch their toes to follow the program. With a simple self-test, the reader discovers whether she is Pitta (fire: tending toward irritability), Kapha (earth: tending toward sluggishness), or Vata (air: a bit on the flighty side). Once she knows her type, the 8-week plan provides eating guidelines, meal plans, and 75 recipes - adaptable to each type - for food that tastes nothing like bland diet fare.

While most weight-loss programs encourage speed and cardio, the exercise component of The Yoga Body Diet slows the body's systems, decreasing stress, blood pressure, and cultivating balance in the body. It's the perfect solution to the stresses of the modern woman's lifestyle.

246 pages, paperback

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The Yoga Body Diet
by Kresten Schultz Dollard and John Douillard, DC, PhD - 
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