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Bamboo Yoga Blocks

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Bamboo Yoga Blocks

Save a Tree...

Our Bamboo Practice Blocks are beautifully unique. They are just as stable and functional as wood, but extremely light weight and much more eco-friendly. (Read more about the goodness of Bamboo) Made hollow, but every bit as durable as solid wood. Treat yourself to this luxuriously smooth prop for your yoga practice.

(There are inherent irregularities in each bamboo block that renders them unique. The natural bamboo grain and color will also vary from block to block

"The bamboo blocks from Barefoot Yoga Co. may be the block of your dreams." review-Yoga Props that do no harm

SIZE: 9" x 5.5" x 3.5"
WEIGHT: 1.5lb

PRICE: $26 each

Bamboo Yoga Blocks


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