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Manduka Black Mat Pro

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Manduka Black Mat Pro


The Manduka Black Mat Pro is an innovative Yoga mat designed for performance and longevity. It has a slip-resistant surface and remains consistently firm and flat on all floor types. It has an excellent non-sticky grip and its texture is solid, not mushy or stretchy so you feel very grounded when you’re on it. These Yoga mats were constructed to last a lifetime and offer exceptional durability that is superior to any mat currently available.

This German made premium black yoga mat is also known as the VB Mat or The Transformer Mat. We've often heard people refer to it as "the Mercedes of Yoga mats".

Good for all types of Yoga, especially popular with Astanga Yoga practitioners.

MAT BAG NOTE: 71" Black Mats will fit nicely in all of our standard sized Yoga mat bags, but we suggest an X-large Yoga mat bag to accommodate the 85" Black Mat.

ENVIRONMENTAL NOTE: Designed to last a lifetime, Manduka Mats are less likely to end up in landfills, saving precious resources. They are carefully produced so as not to emit toxic gases during manufacturing.

98% PVC, 2% recycled polyester
Latex free

Made in Germany.

1/4" thick

26" x 71" (7 lbs) - $100
26" x 85" (9 lbs) - $128

*NOTE: Manufacturer requires Manduka Mats be excluded from all discounts.

Gift Wrapping is not available for premium black mats.

Mat Care Instructions

Elastic Mat Straps - only $1.95
with purchase of any mat
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Manduka Black Mat Pro


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