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Prenatal Yoga
with Shiva Rea

$19.98 $14.99 $12.74


Respected yoga expert and mother Shiva Rea designed this program specifically for pregnancy. It includes safe stretching and strength-building exercises to increase energy and stamina, and to develop concentration for labor and delivery. Includes modifications for each trimester, plus bonus Massage for Pregnancy segment.

Customer Review:
I would definitely recommend Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea. She breaks up the workout into 3 sections approximately 15 minutes each, so you can do what you have time for. I feel great after doing the stretches. There are 3 women who do the routine on the dvd, one for each trimester of pregnancy, so you always have someone to follow no matter where you are in your pregnancy. The tape has gentle music in the background and a visually appealing backdrop for the class. While this may not sound important, it makes a huge difference when you are watching it 3 or more times a week.

60 minutes


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