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Rose & Sandalwood Oil

Amma’s Rose Oil is a blend of natural rose and sandalwood essences, worn by Amma, the celebrated humanitarian from India.

Wear it on your wrists, dab it on your neck, or use it anywhere else that needs an uplifting scent. This essential oil emits a very pure and sweet fragrance and will last for hours during or after your yoga practice. The fragrance will enhance your practice and soothe your soul. Makes a great gift, too.

0.03 OZ bottle
$12.00 (1 bottle)

.29 OZ bottle
$42.00 (1 bottle)

Your purchase of this product contributes to funding Amma's humanitarian projects. Amma has spoken numerous times before the United Nations and is the recipient of the prestigious Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence. She has earned international recognition for her outstanding contributions to the world community and is recognized as an extraordinary spiritual leader.

Rose & Sandalwood Oil


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