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Large Solid Zafu


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Barefoot Yoga
Large Solid Zafu


Our round zafu cushion is made from exceptionally soft 100% cotton twill fabric and filled with buckwheat hulls. Zafus have been used for everyday sitting in Asia for centuries. Today the zafu is rediscovered by Westerners for meditation, yoga, and a simple home furnishing. The zafu often thought of as only a yoga cushion or meditation cushion, has many other uses. It is perfect for sitting meditation and pranayama practice. Sitting in elevated "easy pose" (cross-legged) creates a pelvic tilt, bringing length and alignment to the spine. The hips and legs are able to relax, which allows lift and openness to the chest and lungs. It is also great for stretching the back, and converts almost any chair into a tilt seat for autonomous sitting.

All zafus are filled almost to capacity for support, but with just enough room for pliability. They have a zippered opening behind the handle which allows you to add or remove the buckwheat hull stuffing for adjusting to your individual height/density.

*Gift Wrapping is not available for meditation cushions.

Dimensions: 6" height x 15" in diameter.
Weight: 7 lbs


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Barefoot Yoga
Large Solid Zafu


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