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Stretchy Mat Straps
by Barefoot Yoga

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Stretchy Mat Straps
by Barefoot Yoga

You will love this extremely simple solution for keeping your Yoga Mat closed for storage or for carrying to and from class. The colorful elastic band easily connects by velcro around your mat.


Black Striped

Black Striped

Sizing Note:
14.5" straps are good for thinner mats: Hybrid 1/8" Mats, Sticky Mats, Jute and PER Mats, and other 1/8" mats). 17" straps are good for the thicker 1/4"+ mats (premium Black Mat, Hybrid 1/4" Mats, and for mats rolled with rugs or other mats).

$3.75 each - if ordered without a mat -- all sizes

$1.95 each - if ordered with any mat on our site. (1 elastic strap per mat)

Mat Care Instructions

Elastic Mat Straps - only $1.95
with purchase of any mat
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Stretchy Mat Straps
by Barefoot Yoga

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