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E.C.O. Mat
by Prana

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E.C.O. Mat
by Prana

A textured surface with natural anti-slip properties will keep you as rooted in your pose as the recyclable prAna Earth Conscious Offering Yoga Mat's toxic free manufacturing process is rooted in sustainability. Great cushioning keeps the two-sided eco friendly mat comfy.

- Great grip
- Biodegradable
- PVC Free, Latex Free, Chlorine Free
- Two color tone offering
- Lightweight
- UV resistant
- 72" Long x 24" Wide x 5 mm thick
- Two Sided
- 100% Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE)
- 2.3 lbs

Mat Care Instructions

Elastic Mat Straps - only $1.95
with purchase of any mat
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E.C.O. Mat
by Prana


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