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1999 - 2004

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CHICAGO TRIBUNE (Sunday Edition)
Dec. 12, 2004

Yoga-themed gifts help promote good health

By Lynn Baumhardt

 If someone you are shopping for practices or wants to begin practicing yoga, there are some wonderful gift possibilities to consider. 

Barefoot Yoga, based in Seattle, sells high-quality yoga products.  Founder and CEO Kelly LeFebvre says that a beginner might enjoy a mat in combination with a video.  For a more elaborate gift, LeFebvre suggests Barefoot Yoga’s gift pack, which includes the choice of any of the company’s mats and bags, along with an eye pillow.

Eye pillows close the world out and deepen relaxation during meditation,” LeFebvre says. “Ours have beautifully patterned silk covers and are filled with flax seeds.  They are a great gift for anyone.”

For the more experienced person, LeFebvre recommends a new bag.  “Our bags are made with natural cotton in India from original designs by Barefoot Yoga.  We like to stay fresh in our colors and offer a selection that will satisfy a large range of tastes,” LeFebvre says.  “A rug to place over a mat is another possibility for the experienced person.  It adds extra cushioning and stability.”

Barefoot Yoga offers a variety of yoga clothing for both sexes.  They also have a wide selection of yoga tapes suitable to all levels of experience.  Gift packages range from $30 to $60.  Individual pieces of equipment, clothes and videos are available in a broad range of prices making a yoga gift possible for all budgets. 

Barefoot Yoga products are available in stores and yoga studios across the country.  For more information and to find locations near you, contact Barefoot Yoga at 877-227-3366.

September 2004

Breathe picks: yoga pants

OMgirl Rolltop Practice pants
Pure stretchy, cotton bliss. Flip the waistband up for hold or down for style. (revealing a subtle embroidered OM). The slim bootcut leg makes these wearable outside the studio. $56.

March/April 2004

The Ayes Have It
The incidence of eye-pillow use among Spa Finder staff is high, so we could confidently rate as outstanding the ones here from Barefoot Yoga, thanks to the scent and heft of the organic flaxseed-and-lavender fill and the protective pillowcases. Solid or sari-print fabric, $15.50 and $17, at or call 877-BAREFOOT.

December 2003

GIFTS for Fitness-Minded Folks

Soothing silk eye pillow, like the flax and lavender-filled one from Barefoot Yoga

November/December 2003

Gifts for the Yogini

Give the yogini in your life the ultimate gift, a bag full of goodies!

Barefoot Yoga Company’s OMgirl Hotei longsleeve t-shirt, bamboo practice block, practice rug, and silk eye pillow

Autumn 2003

Page 16
For Your Journey…

"what’s tough, pretty, and has two big pockets?"
Barefoot Yoga’s Hemp Yoga Mat Bag

Reviewer: Rose Taylor

Great material: lightweight, highly durable, softens with age. Love the earthy red color (‘Henna’). Inside zip pocket for wallet, keys and change, outside zip pocket, for sunglasses, yoga pass. Room for mat, eyebag and water bottle. Conveniently, zips open on the side, not the end, so no struggling to rebag your mat when you haven’t fully returned from savasana. Overall, a very cool item. $38: 1-877-barefoot

-3 Warriors rating
(Yoga Rockies recommends it highly and it’s a solid tool for your journey that won’t let you down)

Page 17
For Your Journey...

"now, if only they’d make full-size versions for sleeping!"
Eyebags go head-to-head

Reviewer: Rose Taylor

Barefoot Yoga eye pillow:  It’s a great contender in the luxury stakes. Made in India of pure silk in a range of ceremonial sari designs and sumptuous colors, it feels delightfully decadent. Filled with organic (yes, yes, yes) flax seed and lavender, a subtle but attractive smell. Comes with its own little zippered carrycase, and shipped in recycled oatmeal box. So elegant. The ideal gift for yogi royalty. $12.50-$17: 1-877-barefoot

-3 Warriors rating
(Yoga Rockies recommends it highly and it’s a solid tool for your journey that won’t let you down).

June 2003

Yogi Picks

Yoga Mat Bags
by Tim Watson

Yoga bags! It seems there are bags for every occasion and every activity, it was just a matter of time before this burgeoning industry caught up with the world of yoga. Who would have thought that there would be so many bags to choose from just to roll your mat in after class. YOGItimes went on a search to find the latest and most ergonomic bags and here is our selection of favorites. From velour, terry cloth, vinyl, silk or even hemp, the choice of material is endless and the designs quite creative. There is a bag out there to match the spirit of every yogi and yogini….enjoy!

Barefoot Yoga Co.

Barefoot Yoga’s founder Kelly Lefebvre, designs her eclectic and beautiful yoga bags with textiles gathered from trips to India.

August/September 2003

Top 5 Yoga Products For Women
In their yoga practice

Yoga Mat Bags:

Best For: Yoginis looking to keep it together-all in one bag. These attractive mat bags come in two basic styles: top-loading drawstring closure and duffel side-zipper closure. There are five fabric choices: cotton canvas (7 colors); Indian patterns (12 colors); cotton jacquard (6 colors); cotton velvet (5 colors); and 100% hemp (3 colors). $25-$46; To order: 1-877-227-3366

March 2003

Well Balanced BASICS:
the cutest yoga pants and stretchy camisoles.
Do Downward dog with style. 
Exchange your gym shorts for these hip-hugging stretch pants and sporty tanks.

Featured items:
OMgirl Cotton/Lycra drawcord pants in grasshopper
Hemp Super-comfy Yoga Pants in lime

December 2002

Men's Momentum Shorts in cedar

November 2002

Yoga Gift Packs

Great-looking yoga bags: Amrit design in Antique white and black

November 2002

Sleeping Beauty
If you're a mom, it's a safe bet that you're not getting the ideal eight hours at night. Catnaps (about 20 minutes) are a smart way to recharge while your child naps, and they leave you looking better too: brighter-eyed and rosier-cheeked. Have trouble nodding of in the middle of the day? Try an eye pillow infused with soothing lavender, like Barefoot Yoga's ($15.50 solid, $17 print).

Pillows to pamper weary eyes

mahalasa lavender

May 2002


Simple postures relieve chronic pain
If you have ongoing pain caused by back or neck problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines or other ailments, yoga may help. In a study at the Cleveland Office Foundation in Ohio, pain sufferers did 90 minutes of yoga three times a week for a month. They did Iyengar yoga, which combines meditative breathing with asanas, or poses. Poses included Swastikasana, a cross-leg posture; and Uttanasana, a forward stretch. People who'd had persistent pain for three or more months had "elevated moods, a decrease in pain severity and less need for medication," says Sonia Gaur, Ph.D.  

Yoga for sports, sex, serenity and more
No matter what your goals are, here are some tools to help you create a satisfying yoga practice at home:

Books, CDs and Web sites make the yoga studio an option, not a necessity.
features good information and prices on blocks, mats, bags and OMgirl apparel.

Supplement, September 2001

On the cover:
Kristy Hume in an OM Girl baseball "teaching Buddha" top (about $44) and drawstring low-rise pants (about $66).

Inside supplement:

Kristy Hume
This Peace Movement:
Yoga Pants, OM Girl, about $66

OM Sweet OM
Yoga devotees-everyone from Cher to Helen Hunt-are head over heels (quite literally) for OM Girl: a line of plush, adorably embellished yoga clothing.

The line (slim-cut, low-waisted drawstring pants; tees and tank tops emblazoned with lotuses and Lakshmis) is "perfect California wear." "Throwing it on for yoga class; add a cashmere sweater and Tod's and go shopping."

April 2002

OmGirl drawcord pants and dharamsala rug featured.

Jan/Feb & April 2002

OmGirl Practice Bra and Omgirl low waist pants featured

September 2001

5 Minutes to Peace
Soothe your mind and body in an oasis for yoga, meditation, or just relaxation.

Barefoot Yoga practice strap
OMgirl long-sleeve T-shirt

Tapas sticky mat
Barefoot Yoga Pushkar practice rug

Barefoot Yoga silk eye pillow

July/August 2001

Mini-Vacation for Your Peepers

Our find of the month: Barefoot Yoga's flax-and-lavender-filled Silk Sari Eye Pillow ($15). We like the way the subtly scented pillow molds to your face, blocking out light and putting a gentle, calming pressure on your eyes during an afternoon nap, a meditation session, or a cross-country flight. To order, call 877-227-3366 or visit

May/June 2001

Mind your Body
Hot products that will assist your mind-body practice-and make it more fun!

Popular for Power Yoga, this Mysore Yoga Practice Rug from Barefoot Yoga Company is loom-woven in India and decorated in the Hampi design (other colors/patterns available). Rugs such as these are the traditional yoga mats used in Mysore, India. They absorb perspiration, and the woven lines in the fabric are good for achieving proper alignment in the many postures., toll-free 1-877-barefoot

It's perfect combination: An emerald green sticky mat with a traditional Indian-patterned yoga mat bag, both from Barefoot yoga Company. This mat provides a non-slip and cushioned surface and is available in either a 68" or 74" length. Made in India, the mat bag has an adjustable strap and two zipper pockets for holding your eye pillow, small yoga props and personal belongings., toll-free 1-877-barefoot .

Slip into this Hotei practice t-shirt or Chant tank top from the Barefoot Yoga Company and you're ready to work on postures. Hotei is the laughing Buddha, the Buddha of happiness. Made of comfy cotton, this shirt comes in Amythst and is adorned with a small rhinestone in the Buddha's belly-button. The Chant tank comes in peridot with the word "Chant" on the front and the Traditional Hindu Prayer in Sanskrit on the back., toll-free 1-877-barefoot or .

June, 2001

Unique gift ideas for your moms and dads

(May 13 and June 17!)

Ease her mind, body and spirit:

Extra-thick yoga mat, $33, and canvas carrying bag, $32,
Barefoot Yoga; 877-227-3366.

December, 2000

For: The Urban Yogini
Mysore Yoga Mat Bag from Barefoot Yoga
Finding the right gift for the yoga enthusiast can be a challenge since the pastime requires only a patch of floor and a sticky mat. But, as in some many other facets of life, accessories make all the difference. We love this funky yoga mat bag in a traditional Mysore pattern, made in-where else?-India. It's also roomy enough to tote clothes and straps and has two zippered pockets to stash money, keys, or even a paperback copy of the Bhagavad-Gita.

Yoga Source: 2001 Annual Guide
Winter 2000
Page 22

Hard-to-find yoga props are just a mouse click away.

Looking for a plentiful source of yoga supplies, where you can consider different colors, designs, and products at your leisure? Then on-line shopping is the answer. In front of a computer screen, you can put together the basics of a home practice from the comfort of your home. has a comprehensive home page that features press reviews of their products and a section on new products. Even though it's an up-to-date site, there's a groovy, 1960's feeling here. No surprise that they sell a hemp yoga mat bag.

April, 2000
Page 30

Style Front:

Now and Zen
Blissfully Comfortable Yoga-Inspired Must-Haves

2- Carry on Canvas "Yoga Mat bag", $32, by Barefoot Yoga Co.

7- Shut-eye Chinese-print silk eye pillow filled with flaxseed and dried lavender to help relieve tension, $15, by Barefoot Yoga Co.

9- Cushy comfort Cotton woven "Practice Rug" goes nicely over a yoga mat for extra cushion, $38, by Barefoot Yoga Co.

Pennsylvania Health & Fitness Magazine
March 2000
Page 27

Yoga Yummies

Barefoot Yoga Co. brings you products to inspire the practice of yoga. They offer yoga mat bags in two styles, silk eye pillows for aromatherapy, sticky mats which provide a non-slip and cushioned surface and Mysore Practice Rugs which rest nicely over any yoga mat and floor surfaces adding extra cushion for sitting postures and better traction for standing postures by absorbing perspiration and moisture that would otherwise make your mat slippery. All are offered in a variety of colors. Visit or call

October 1999, Page 92

Barefoot Yoga Co. Yoga Mat Bag, $30

Now that the likes of Courtney Love and Madonna are filling up yoga classes, don't be caught carrying your mat in an old backpack. Made in India, these mat bags come in woven and Indian patterns, solid-color cotton-canvas or hemp fabrics. Zipper pockets leave room for your incense and cell phone. To order, call 877-BAREFOOT or log on to - Jennifer Walters

November/December 1999 Issue
Page 21

Mat on the Run

Tired of scrunching your sticky mat into a corner of your suitcase or carry-on-bag?  Of wrinkling your nose at studio mats that have seen hundreds of feet since last being washed?

Now there's an elegant and practical way to carry your own mat wherever you go: yoga mat bags, like these offered by Barefoot Yoga Company of San Francisco.

  • Well-made, durable, and roomy, Barefoot's bags are available in two styles -- top-loading with drawstring and side-loading with duffel-style zipper -- both equipped with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.  You can choose from a rainbow of colors and four different fabrics: no-nonsense 100 percent cotton canvas; figured 100 percent cotton jacquard; plush cotton velvet; and wildly patterned and colored Indian weaves. -Todd Jones

    (Also in the same issue:)

    page 83


    Eye Pillows
    Authentic silk saris and organic flax seeds make these eye soothers unique. Choose unscented or scented with organically grown lavender. 
    Barefoot Yoga (877-227-3366)

    December 1999, Page 58

    Stuff We Love

    Once you are committed to yoga, it's time to buy a sticky mat to keep feet from slipping and to cushion knees.  But trust us on this: As soon as you buy one, you'll leave it somewhere.  Protect your investment with Barefoot Yoga's Mat Bag.  Since it'll be toting keys, wallet and other essentials, you're bound to notice your mat's missing as you leave the studio.  The mat will also stay rolled, clean and safe.  It comes in two models - drawstring and zipper - and more than a dozen fabrics, from Indian-print cottons to basic black velvet. (877) 227-3366, toll-free.  -Ken Ng

    November 28, 1999

    Home Front's Guide to Perfect Presents Season Openers
    Gifts of Health and Fitness

    Bag it all with this yoga mat holder designed to hold keys, mat and other necessities.

    Barefoot Yoga's Mat Bag. Stash your keys wallet and other essentials while you practice your poses, then roll up and store your mat when it's time to go.

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