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Better for You. Better for the Planet.
Eco Yoga Mats

Traditional yoga mats are an excellent surface for practice. However, most are made with PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), a toxic plastic that may include phthalates which can off-gas and leach during mat use. PVC is also not biodegradable.

Barefoot Yoga offers you an alternative. The mats shown here are better both for your health and for the environment.
We offer eco-friendly mats made from one or more of the following materials:

JUTE - a natural vegetable fiber that is a sustainable resource.
RUBBER - from tropical rubber trees, a sustainable resource.
TPE - Thermal Plastic Elastomer, non-toxic plastic that can be melted down for reuse.
PER - Polymer Environmental Resin, a synthetic plastic, but with no toxic phthalates or heavy metals.

More detailed eco yoga mat comparisons

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Eco Yoga Mats

Barefoot Yoga
Performance Grip Mat
with Lifetime Warranty

from $59.00 $50.15

Eco-friendly mat with superior traction and a lifetime warranty. 4mm thick.

Barefoot Yoga
Hybrid Eco Mat - 1/4 inch
with mat strap

from $38.00 $26.95 $22.91

Combines the best of eco-friendly and traditional mats. 5-6 mm thick.

Barefoot Yoga
Hybrid Eco Mat - 1/8 inch
with mat strap

from $30.95 $28.95 $24.61

Combines the best of eco-friendly and traditional mats. 4 mm thick.

Barefoot Yoga
Hybrid Eco-Lite Mat
with mat strap

from $28.95 $25.95 $22.06

E.C.O. Mat
by Prana

from $48.00 $40.80

Made from nontoxic, biodegradable TPE. No PVC or Latex - 1/4" thick.

Henna E.C.O. Mat
by Prana

from $50.00 $42.50

All the grip & toxic-free production of the E.C.O. Mat, with a durable printed design on top.

Jade Fusion Yoga Mat
from $119.95 $101.96

Extra thick for extra cushion.

Jade Harmony Mat
from $69.95 $59.46

A perfect balance of traction and cushion.

Practice Rug

from $41.00 $34.85

Standard width -- plain only

Natural Jute and PER
Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

from $42.95 $36.51

Combines PER and natural jute for a biodegradable and latex-free mat - 1/8" thick

Skidless Yoga Towel
by Yogitoes

from $64.00 $54.40

Great for achieving traction during practice and super compact for travel.

The Original Eco Yoga Mat
from $85.00 $72.25

Rated #1 by New York Times. Natural rubber and jute, totally biodegradable - 4mm thick


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