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A quality selection of yoga props for daily practice

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Barefoot Yoga
Solid Zafu
Meditation Cushion

$49.95 $44.95 $38.21

Barefoot Yoga
Gayatri Mantra
Sanskrit Zafu

$59.00 $50.15

Barefoot Yoga
Indian Tapestry Zafu
100% Cotton

$59.00 $50.15

Barefoot Yoga
Lotus Zafu

$59.00 $50.15

Barefoot Yoga
Mandala Embroidered Zafu

$59.00 $50.15

Barefoot Yoga
Rectangular Bolster

$59.00 $50.15

Barefoot Yoga
Round Bolster

$59.00 $50.15

Sari Pattern
Zafu Meditation Cushion

$59.00 $50.15

Barefoot Yoga
Retro Pattern
Tall Zafu

$59.95 $50.96

Silk Sari Zafu
Meditation Cushion
with Carry-all Yoga Bag

$69.00 $58.65

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