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A quality selection of yoga props for daily practice

Practice Straps
Bamboo Practice Yoga Blocks
Cork Practice Yoga Blocks 
Eco-Friendly Foam Yoga Blocks
Foam Yoga Blocks
Cushions & Bolsters 
Skidless Yoga Towel
Yoga Blankets
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Stretchy Mat Straps
by Barefoot Yoga


Carry-all Yoga Bag

Yoga Practice Straps

Barefoot Yoga
Brass D-Ring
Practice Straps

$10.50 $7.88

Foam Wedges

Ultra Firm Foam Block

Barefoot Yoga
Cork Yoga Block


Foam Yoga Blocks


Yoga Sandbags
in Cotton or Nylon


Yoga Mat Harness
by Prana


Bamboo Yoga Blocks

Indian Rosewood
Yoga Blocks

$26.00 $23.40

Mexican Yoga Blankets

$31.95 $27.95

Barefoot Yoga
Solid Zafu
Meditation Cushion

$49.95 $44.95

Barefoot Yoga
Gayatri Mantra
Sanskrit Zafu


Barefoot Yoga
Indian Tapestry Zafu
100% Cotton

$59.00 $47.20

Barefoot Yoga
Lotus Zafu


Barefoot Yoga
Mandala Embroidered Zafu


Barefoot Yoga Zabuton

Barefoot Yoga
Rectangular Bolster


Barefoot Yoga
Round Bolster


Sari Pattern
Zafu Meditation Cushion


Barefoot Yoga
Retro Pattern
Tall Zafu


Skidless Yoga Towel
by Yogitoes


Silk Sari Zafu
Meditation Cushion
with Carry-all Yoga Bag


Yoga Mat Bags
Check out our
Yoga Mat Bags,
the stylish and
durable carryall that holds everything you need for yoga.


Everything you need for yoga at a discount

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