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10 years of consistent use and still like new
I've had this grey and burgundy rug for almost 10 years, got it before I started yoga teacher training; and after washing, travelling, outdoor and indoor use, it looks and feels as the day it arrived. I see my students coming to class with fancy (expensive) sticky mats and they have difficulties transitioning from one pose to another because they cannot slide. Because of that they also do not properly develop the stabilizing muscles to grow in practice - as well as their hair gets pulled on sticky mats - sticky mats are kind of the antithesis of ahimsa... I encourage students to use a rug instead, when my hands/feet sweat I don't slip, but I can still slide with control through poses when necessary. Fashion over practicality and superior performance seems to win most times, unfortunately. But I love my rug, and the great condition it remains - the only reason I shop for another rug is ironically fashion, to find another color I like. Review by Amber / (Posted on 3/10/2017)

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