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Masala Practice Rug

Product Review (submitted on April 17, 2015):
If you practice yoga, you know how sweat can make using a foam mat very uncomfortable and slippery. I tried using a towel from home but its never big enough to cover the mat. The specialty yoga towels are super thin microfiber and both types of towels move around and bunch up. The Barefoot yoga rug works great! It's a little more substantial but not too thick (about 1/3 the thickness of my foam mat rolled up) and feels great to work on. Place it on top of your foam mat and it stays in place and feels so comfortable. It's a couple inches larger and covers the bottom mat completely. I use the larger standard size foam mat 24" x "72". No more slippage and my feet never touch the studio floor!

It's hand made in India and has the look and feel of a nice quality rug. The packaging is just beautiful and I especially love the colors the rug.