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Solid Blue Practice Rug

Product Review (submitted on June 17, 2016):
This rug is phenomenal for heated yoga, beach days, picnics and all around life. I use it on top of my normal sticky mat since I have injuries. I've never used one of the hot yoga grippy towels but every time I see someone use them in class they are wrinkled which I'd find distracting and would impact my practice. People complement this rug on how it doesn't wrinkle, covers the entire sticky mat and looks earthy. I love the look and feel. After a good sweat, this rug has the best grip. If you don't moisturize your feet and use this in air conditioning for a quick practice, you may have to slightly tweak your poses as the dry skin and dry rug will sometimes cause slippage. To remedy, for a short indoor practice, I spray some water where my feet and hands usually go.
I've used this to lay on the beach, grass etc and it's so wonderful! Machine washable so no issues using for multiple purposes!
This rug is also generous in the amount of cushion it provides, especially with a sticky underneath.
I was worried about the tassels but they actually don't bother me at all! Not even when I'm all OCD...I thought they'd bother me not all sticking out straight.
One con is the the color has faded after about 3 months daily heavy use and 4-5 washes. The fade is mostly where my feet and hands ground in down dog.
I also got small parts of toe skin that would peel after doing 1-2 classes a day of hot yoga for a month. Ive been told by fellow yogis this is normal when first beginning a practice especially as frequently and long as I was practicing. I don't notice it anymore.
All around I have recommended this rug to several other yogis and I recommend it to you! It's much better than slipping on a slick yoga mat in practice! No near death experiences-life saver rug!