Mysore Practice Rugs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wash my rug in the washing machine?

Yes, However, WASH IN COLD WATER ONLY. This is very important for keeping the colors bright. If washed in Warm or Hot water, the colors may fade. After washing in Cold water separately either in the washing machine or by hand, we recommend hanging it to dry or, if in a hurry to have it dry, throw in a gentle dryer and bring to class slightly damp for the best traction available.

Q: I am still slipping on my rug. What's wrong?

The rug works best when damp. If you are starting your practice dry, you will not achieve the best traction until your rug is slightly damp from sweating. We suggest, as they do in India, to sprinkle water on your rug at the hand and feet position before starting your practice. Only a small amount of water is necessary. Or, start your practice on your sticky mat, and when you start to sweat and slip on your sticky mat, then roll out your practice rug and the slipping will stop with the moisture from perspiration from your hands and feet.


For best results with your Practice Rug, lightly sprinkle water over the entire rug surface, or lightly mist your rug evenly with a small spray bottle before class (especially at hands and feet position) and you should achieve excellent traction during your practice. You can also roll out your rug over your sticky mat after you begin to sweat and no water will be needed. The more you sweat, the better the traction.


All of our Practice Rugs are 100% cotton and can be washed in a standard washing machine on GENTLE CYCLE in COLD WATER ONLY. Or, they are best washed in a tub of cold water with a light, natural detergent and hung to dry. Please note: We have had 2 cases of people washing their rugs in a top-loading washing machine, where the churner of the machine has caught the fringes and pulled the fringes off of the rugs, so we suggest using your best judgement if washing them in a top-loading machine since there is a slight risk of this happening to you. Thousands of others have been washed in a top-loading machine with great success. If you are in a hurry, it is ok to throw your damp washed rug into a gentle dryer to expedite your drying time, but many like to take their damp rugs to class to achieve better traction. Rugs will tighten up with washing and drying, but do not shrink. They loosen with use.