Yoga Mat Bag - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the standard sized bags hold a thick yoga mat or do I have to buy the X-Large bag to fit my thicker mat?

Our regular sized Yoga Mat Bags are 29.5 inches long, and 7.5 inches in diameter. They are made to hold a mat that is 1/4 inch thick, along with a Practice Rug, with some room to spare for an extra t-shirt, a small towel, and a small water bottle. A 71" Premium Black Mat and Practice Rug can fit in a regular sized Yoga Mat Bag if rolled tightly and evenly. There is always room for your eye pillow and strap in the zippered pockets on the outside or inside of the bag. 

The X-Large Yoga Mat Bag is 31.5 inches long, and 9.5 inches in diameter. It is recommended for the 85" Premium Black Mat, and can fit this mat and a Practice Rug. It may be a better choice than the regular size bags for a 71" Premium Black Mat and a Practice Rug as well if you are one to roll up your mats fast and unevenly after practice. With the X-Large bag, you won't have to struggle in any way to fit your load into it and get going. It is particularly useful for those who like to carry blocks and a blanket in their bag, along with a mat.

Q: Which fabric is most durable, the cotton canvas or the woven jacquard and traditional indian fabric?

All of our Yoga mat bags are made from fabrics that are extremely durable. The cotton canvas bags are incredibly sturdy, water-repelling and have a very basic design. The loom-woven cottons (solid jacquard and traditional indian patterns) are all woven tightly on a loom in India, as they have been for centuries, and are woven to last. The solid jacquard and cotton velvet bags are fully lined with cotton giving them added durability, and all of the bags we offer have heavy, reinforced seams throughout the interior of the bags. We are very proud of the quality, beauty and originality of our yoga mat bags.

Q: Which style is better -- Duffel (zipper style) or Classic (drawstring style)?

The two styles are equally popular. People who are not carrying a heavy load, only a mat and a towel, for example, will like the ease of the classic style (drawstring) bag. You can just open it from the top and drop in your mat while standing, close it and be done. If you are carrying a larger load, for example, a thicker mat and a rug and maybe some clothing and a water bottle, you may like the roominess of the the duffel (zipper) style bag because both ends are closed and you can open it up from the side and push things into the corners of the bag, having easy access to small things within the bag. The duffel (zipper) style bag does take more time to load since you need to lay it down on a surface to open and load it, whereas you can stand and load your classic (drawstring) style bag from the top. Compare Classic & Duffel Styles

Q: How do I wash my yoga mat bag?

Here are the recommended washing instructions: -Cotton Canvas, Solid Jacquard, Indian Patterns, Hemp Yoga Mat Bags: Hand or Machine wash COLD or Dry clean for better color fastness. Hang to Dry. -Cotton Velvet Yoga Mat Bags: Hand Wash COLD or Dry Clean recommended. Hang to Dry.